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The British Officers Cricket Club appears in cricket history back in the 'Golden Age' of cricket in Philadelphia in the late 1800's. However, as an affiliate of The British Officers Club of Philadelphia founded in 1925, regular games were played until WWII. The BOCC was re-born in 1986-thanks to co-founders, the late Peter Stone, Alan Stuart and Alfred Reeves. Since that time the club has been a major force in rekindling the game in Philadelphia, and now enjoys a playing membership of over 80 cricketers including a thriving youth section.

The BOCC plays cricket for fun, for love of the game, yet competitively, with a will to win. The BOCC places high importance upon social interaction and a membership willing to contribute effort on and off the field. The BOCC places no restriction upon membership, save that of gentlemanly conduct. Club management is democratic and bound by its Constitution. The BOCC strives to uphold the notion of Cricket first, team second and the individual last.

The BOCC is a co-founder and a proud supporter and participant in the Philadelphia International Cricket Festival.

The BOCC plays in the Greater Philadelphia Cricket League on Saturdays and Sundays and have qualified for the playoffs in the last two years. We also go on tour to Toronto over the July 4 weekend and with friendly games all season long, plays an aggregate of over 60 matches a season. BOCC has also toured the UK in both 2002 and 2004 and most recently Sarasota Florida in February, 2019. Touring is part of the club both travelling and hosting visiting sides; more tours are expected in upcoming years. Additionally, the club has a traditional pre-season curry party, Annual Awards Dinner and other fun/family friendly social events. There are organized net practices at our home ground which has a unique two side by side fields, a club house at Evansburg State Park in Collegeville from April thru September.

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Celebration of the Life of Alfred ReevesIan TurnerMarch 27
BOCC Members

The current success of the BOCC as the premier club in the Northeast is a result of the hard work of many current members. However, we are really only standing on the shoulders of giants. There was no bigger cricketing giant for the BOCC than Alfred Reeves. That is why we are gathering to celebrate the life of Alfred Reeves one last time. BOCC members, please join the Reeves family and friends to spend an evening of reminiscence, camaraderie, laughter, and maybe one or two tears. We will be meeting at the function room of the House of Biryanis and Kebabs, 2541 W Main St, Norristown at 6pm on Saturday April 6th. The evening will entail a four course buffet meal, free drinks and a wonderful presentation of Alfred’s amazing life. It is a reasonably formal affair so please wear BOCC ties and jacket if you have one. We must give the restaurant accurate numbers, therefore we are insisting that members pay in advance. Use the following methods to pay the incredibly reasonable cost of $15 per head as soon as possible. I look forward, with my BOCC brethren, to giving Alfred the sendoff he thoroughly deserves.


Check written out to 'BOCC' and mailed to Chris Lawrence, Treasurer, BOCC, 336 W Springfield Road, PA 19064
PayPal to treasurer@bocccricket.com sent to Friends and Family to avoid transaction fee (please put a note explaining the payment)
PayPal using paypal.me/BOCCPhila (please put a note explaining the payment)
Venmo to BOCCTreasurer (please put a note explaining the payment)

This Week's Games

BOCC Fixtures: 
Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Saturday @ 10:00 AM
Rebels vs United
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground - II

Social, Saturday @ 11:00 AM
at Philadelphia Cricket Club

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Saturday @ 12:00 PM
Spartans vs BOCC
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Saturday @ 12:00 PM
Woodward vs NJ Challengers
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Saturday @ 12:00 PM
Rockers vs Spartans
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground - II

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Saturday @ 2:00 PM
Titans vs BOCC
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Saturday @ 3:00 PM
Swat vs Prior
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground - II

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Sunday @ 10:00 AM
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Sunday @ 10:00 AM
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground - II

Social, Sunday @ 12:00 PM
BOCC vs UK Royal Marines
at Prior Cricket Club

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Sunday @ 2:00 PM
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground

Philadelphia Premier League (PPL), Sunday @ 2:00 PM
at (Home) Evansburg Cricket Ground - II

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For general questions and/or Inquiries, please contact Sunil Gaikwad or 201-658-7161

Schedule Games

To Schedule games with the BOCC or for general questions and/or Inquiries, please send E-mail to the Fixtures Secretary at fixtures@bocccricket.com.
 (When requesting a game, please specify the dates you are interested in and where you would like to play.)

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